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Luna has been mated to Callu. We're expecting puppies in mid February!







At first the good news. Tika got a Junior Winner 2007 -title and Luna was BB2 with RES-CACIB

in Winner 2007 on 8.12.2007. Ylladian Ouragan, "Batman", Ylladian Obsidian, "Robi"

and Callu also took part in the show and they got very goods in junior class.


On Sunday 9.12.2007 Luna was escorting the Italian BIS-judge Giuseppe Alessandra into the ring

along with Elegantin Katinkulta, in white tuxedoes!



Then the sad news. Java, our smallest one, got frightened of a bigger dog and ran away three

weeks ago. We still haven't found her yet. Thanks you to all of you that have been

helping us searching for her!












3.11.2007 at Lahti puppy show Callu was BOS-puppy and at the group show Luna was BB2.


18.11.2007 Calimero took part in his first official show and the result was

CAC, BD1, BOS and BOB-junior! Tika was BB4 and received a RES-CAC.









Calimero was in his first puppy show: he was BOB- and BIG-2-puppy.

Judge was Outi Piisi-Putta from Finland.









Luna won Turku-Cup track racing 16.9.2007 and was Helsinki Region Kennel Circuit

LC Champion 30.9.2007!


Luna was officially eyetested on 11.9. and her eyes were clean.









We have returned from our very successful trip in Europe. Luna made a very good run and

finished up being 4th at the European Racing Championship.


Both Luna and Wallu got excellents in Luxembourg and were placed in their classes, among some

many top-class dogs.


The most important thing: Welcome to Finland Calimero! Thanks to Madame Michele Fourgeaud

for this gorgeus little prince! He's perfect, extremely beautiful and lovely tempered.









Luna was 3rd at the LC Finnish Championship in Mustiala. She got 223 + 210 = 433 points

and her first LC CAC!









Results from track racing: Luna was 2nd at the Finnish Championship -competition, 8 IG's

were at the start. Wallu won the Kartanon Kannu -competition and Luna the HVK Cup.

She also broke her personal track records and we're excitedly waiting for the

European Championship Race in Belgium. A presentation of the Finnish tem can be found here.


In shows Luna was BOB and Tika BOB-puppy at Kokkola Int on 15th July. Tika was for the

first time in junior class at Kouvola Nat on 18th August and got an EXC and a Res-CAC with

a very good critique.


Puppies from our first litter were shown for the first time in SIC Club Show on 22nd July. They all

got an EXC and the placements as follows:



Judge Evy Fredhjem, Norway

Ylladian Obsidian PUPPY EXC 1 BOB-puppy BIS-2-puppy
Ylladian Obsession PUPPY EXC 2
Ylladian Ouragan PUPPY EXC 3

Pikkuneidin Tiramisu PUPPY EXC 1 BOS-puppy
Ylladian Euforia PUPPY EXC 2

Bell Canto CHAM EXC 2 BD4
Dervisch Dial L For Love CHAM EXC 2 BB2

Wallu's progeny group BIS-4
(consisted of Pikkuneidin Tiramisu, Ylladian Obsession, Ylladian Obsidian)



Wallu became once again a father to 3 little puppies as Ekavintin Uniikki gave birth to a boy and

two girls 19th July.











Some track racing results:


June 23rd, 2007 in Mikkeli Luna competed at 280 m. Her time was 25.09

and placement 2. Thanks to Kitte who took Luna along with her to compete!


June 30th, 2007 in Tuomarinkartano, Helsinki Luna got herself a new title:

Derby Winner 2007! Luna's time at the first round was 32.17 s and placement 1.

In the finals her time was 31.60s and placement again 1. The distance was 350 m.

Wallu competed on 280 and his time was 24.27 s, placement 2.


On Monday, July 9th,  Luna ran a testrun with Dervisch A Diamond At Northgate, one of her

sis that she grew up with as a puppy. Luna's unofficial time was 23.80 s on 280 m.


Wallu also ran a testrun with Mirondan Carissima on July 10th. Wallu's time was 23.90 s at 280 m.









The emailaddress has changed! The new address is ylladian@gmail.com.


If you have sent email to the old address and haven't received an answer,

please send your messages again, since it's very likely that we haven't received them.









Show results:


June 3rd, 2007 Estonian Winner 2007, Tallinn

Judge Donovan Thompson, USA



  • Tika - PUPPY Promotion Prize BOB-puppy

  • Wallu - CHAM EXC/1 BD-3

  • Luna - CHAM VG/2


June 8th, 2007 EUW-2007, Zagreb, Croatia

Judge Manola Pogessi Artenoli, Italy


  • Java - Baby Class Very Promising 1 BOB-baby

  • Tika - Puppy class Promising 2

  • Luna - CHAM EXC/-


At the WW Racing in Sachsenheim, Germany Wallu quit during the race so no results for him.

At the first round Luna's time was 37.15 s and at the second round 37.24 s. She didn't make it to the final round. The distance was 360 m.



June 16th in Hyvinkää, Star sprinter 2007 Wallu got a new title - TS-07.

At the first round his time was 24.25 s and in the final 24.39 s.

He was racing with Luna, whose times were as follows: 24.39 s, 25.27 s. The distance was 280 m.



Otherwise our kennel prefix "Ylladian" was approved by the FCI! Updated the website and added some new links.







Some show results! In Helsinki International dog show 19th of May Luna was 2nd in champion class and BB-3. Judge Gianfranco Bauchal from Italy. In Tampere puppy show 17th of May Tika was shown for Merja Järnstedt. She was first in puppy class.


Wallu was placed 4th best male in SIC's Show IG of the Year 2006-competition. Alltogether he was 6th on the list. Wallu received HVK's prize being the best in lure coursing during 2006.


Ekavintin Uniikki was mated with Wallu 19th of May. Inquiries Heidi Huovinen +358505779618 or heidi.huovinen@gmail.com.


New link to Obsession's photo gallery in the web.









All puppies have found their own homes!









At Lappeenranta National dog show 8.4.2007 Luna got an excellent, won the best bitch -class and finished being BOB! The judge was the finnish Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa. In group Luna was placed 2nd! The judge was Jaroslav Matyas from Slovakia.


Link to Obsidian's own photo gallery in the web.









Yesterday 25th of March Luna became a Finnish champion at Tampere International dog show. She was BB-3 with CAC. This was her first chance to become a champion and that she did! A big thank you goes to her handler Inka!


Obsidian is still looking for his new home, inquiries are welcome.









Luna gave birth to 6 puppies on 22nd December 2006, 2 girls and 4 boys. We have 3 males available at the moment. Check out our puppies-page.


We also are happy to introduce our newest addition to the family, Pikkuneidin Tiramisu aka "Tika". Tika is Wallu's daughter. More info on her own page.